Team Trouble 2021 – Laax, Switzerland

Team Trouble is a skateboarding event with a different flavor. Instead of skaters competing one by one, they battle in teams and show crazy team combos. Complete mayhem is going down in the bowl of the Freestyle Academy. Team Trouble 2021 was presented by: Vans, LAAX, Doodah, Solo, Marshall, Riders Hotel, and Freestyle Academy.

Photos by Thibault Le Nours

Finals recap from Team Trouble 2021 at the Freestyle academy in Laax, Switzerland.

Edit by Sean Nguyen
Filmed by Yves Marchon, Jon Wolf, and Pierre Pauselli

Silvano Deflorin over Schetg Gru
Alex Meissner. Backside boneless off the Marshall amp. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Doubles. Robin Bollian. Frontside wallride yank in over Uryann. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Cedric Oosterhoff. Frontside blunt off the amp extension. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Robin Bollian. Hippy jump over Laaxative Hippies. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Fede Boldini. Tailblock over Lukas Bigun’s frontside grind to fakie
CCC. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Tobi and Silvano. Double frontside rocks. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Willow frontside bonk off Skianta’s deck. Photo: Thibault Le Nours


George Pool. Madonna
George Poole and Fabio Martin.
Jan Hirt. Front smith
Jan Hirt. Judged nosepick.
Jeanne Lager and Chloe Bernard
Jean Novo. Airwalk
Jean Novo. Invert
Jean Novo over Le President
Julien Papen. Ollie backside wallride
Noam Lichtenstein. FSA
Ramon Notz Mooswerk
Ramon Notz over Jan Hirt
Robin Bollian. Bluntslide Fakie
Robin backside air
Robin over Laaxative
Silavno Deflorin. Blindside Fakie.
George Poole. Blunt To backside Disaster


Hippie Jump over Cedric. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
George Poole. Backside Smith. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Robin Bollian. Frontside Air over the team. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Jan Hirt. Frontside axel stall on Mauro Bellamonte’s back truck. Photo by Thibault Le Nours
Gaetan Ducellier. Boneless.
Fede Boldini. Iceplant
Uryann Raudet. Indy Nosepick

Vert Session:

Fede Boldini. Frontside Heelblock. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Frontside Smith Grind. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Crail slide. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Backside Air. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Invert. Photo: Thibault Le Nours
Art Gallery. Photo by Dave Bachmann


Artwork by Dirty…

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