Pumf Plaza DIY – Ramsbottom, England


Clown skateboards set up a UK wide DIY Fund accessible to home-grown individuals, DIY or community groups dedicated to creating, renovating or adding to a local outdoor spot and supporting the next generation of kids getting into it.

We created 20 grants to include a sum of £500 each, to be used for concrete and materials or tools needed to build & maintain the spot. Every successful applicant was given 4 Clown complete skateboards to gift to 4 local kids who they felt deserved it.

Following and documenting their progress, from the spot development, the impact it has on the local skate community and the kids inspired by it we’re working with Confusion Magazine to post real-time updates on the DIY Fund’s progress, featuring a few of the spots on their website.”

“Here is the latest piece from Ben at Pumf Plaza, one of the DIYs we backed. They put the fund money straight away to good use, with tools and building some new obstacles and were stoked that the skateboards were spare for anyone wanting to try it out.” – Clown Skateboards


Pumf Plaza DIY – Ramsbottom, England

“My name is Ben Horse @pumf2020 and me and my mates started the Pumf Plaza. I’ve done bits of DIY before but nothing major because I’ve never had the space or they’ve got demolished. When I moved to Ramsbottom around February 2019, I’d already seen the derelict mill and knew it would be mint for a DIY.

Me and Joe were the first to get in and uncovered the smoothest, most polished, hard as fuck concrete floor that I’d ever seen. It was insane. Nothing really happened then, we just uncovered some ground and used obstacles that were already there.

When Covid kicked in and we got furloughed and told to stay indoors, we were straight down the building. It was hidden away, no one could bother us and the weather was red hot. B&Q was still open and I spent loads of furlough money on cement, sand and stone. After that we just went to town and pretty much had a Plaza going quick time but stuff we’d built was pretty shit. More of a crew had built up down there now and we finally gathered a team, spent some cash and did a real job on our manny box ledge piece.

Shout out to Clown skateboards for the £500 fund pal, it went along way. After that we built loads and the Plaza got a full upgrade. It’s nearly 2022 now and the Plaza has been going a while. We’ve seen the fire brigade turn up, kids smash glass all over every obstacle numerous times, we’ve had gypsies put ten caravans on our DIY, nick all our tools and shit all the over the place. The Plaza has served its time and anymore time we get down there, enjoy, you lucky bastards. Shout out to everyone that’s helped to build. Everyone else can tidy up or some shit.” – Ben Horse

Pumf Plaza Pal

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