Ray Gurz // The Adventure is Endless + Jacob and Ridley Head to the Park book release

Ray Gurz of Lost Soul Skateboards has written and released his first children’s book. Available at
www.lostsoulskateboards.bigcartel.com along with some of his other creations such as skateboards, clothing, coffee cups, wax, pins,and skate tools.

Last autumn, photographer Adam Novicki went out and shot an article with Ray for Confusion issue 27 which you can check out below, but here is his new book, the opening signing session and a couple skate sessions over the last month.

Jacob and Ridley. Head to the the Park. By Ray Gurz


Ray signing his new book


Ray Gurz. Blunt nose grab yank in.
Ray Gurz. Five-0 drop in on a glass roof
Ray Gurz. Melon inot the pit
Ray Gurz. Wallride to fakie



Ray Gurz of Lost Soul Skateboards
Photos by Adam Novicki

(Article from Confusion magazine issue 27  + bonus photos)

Everybody is so busy these days not enjoying their life. Things get put on the back burner. Ideas get lost in notes. Phone calls go unanswered and texts are unread.

During this pandemic, Adam G. Novicki and I met at his local spot in Reading, PA. I would drive an hour from Allentown to skate this DIY because it’s challenging and what I am into. It was away from everyone. Somewhat secluded. Not driving 10 or 20 minutes to a local skatepark. But an hour. After a session or two, we decided to try and shoot some skate photos. Our mutual interest for the abandoned landscapes, the forgotten buildings and the diy builds, is how
we enjoy our time.

Take some time to search for the unridden, unnoticed and unappreciated spots.

The adventure is endless if you just use your imagination.  – Ray Gurz

Ray Gurz. Portrait and all skate photos by Adam Novicki
As business’ seize, spots are everywhere. Hippy jump in Reading, PA
Pivot fakie. Tetanus Paradise. Reading, PA
Roofdrop in Pennsylvania
Crail tap at Helltrack DIY. King of Prussia, PA
Monty grind at Helltrack DIY. King of Prussia, PA
American Malls disappear. Drop in. Reading, PA
Website down – under construction. Wallie. Reading, PA
Washed and sanitzed hands before a layback frontrock Allentown, PA

Check out the full article in issue 27 print magazine of Confusion.

To buy Ray Gurz’s new children’s book or to check out Lost Soul’s Skateboards online shop go here.

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