Heat Slayers – Vert Session at the Orange peel ramp – Maryland

Photos Brendan Medairy (@brundan_m)

Backyard vert session in Maryland on a 100f degree day with Darren Navarrette, Derek Krasauks, Jay Stevenson, Carlos Naffziger-Brown and Mark Pfieffer.

“MidAtlantic summers bring extremely humid 97 degree temps with frequent storms that can kill a session and for whatever reason, visitors from all over. Our summer weather sucks balls but that is out “skate season” and we live it. I sometimes hope it rains to keep me from swamp ass, but most times, the sessions go on.” – Derek Krasauks

“I had just got back from the beach and hadn´t shot in a while… Good friend Derek Krasauskas hit me up on one the hottest days yet this summer thought be a good day to dust off the equipment to shoot. The session was lit with a storm approaching and the vampire “Navarrette” was on fire.”  – Brendan Medairy

“SK8ing on the east to me, it’s not about the weather… it’s about the session… damn right the sessions get HOT!”  – Darren Navarrette


Darren Navarrette. “I will honor my scars so I may receive my feathers. I have climbed and I have fallen and I have learned along the way. I know the steps it takes to become one and I am grateful to ALL along my way.” – Navs


Derek Krasauskas. Stand up frontside grind


Mark Pfeiffer. Lien to tail


Darren Navarrette. Andrecht.


Derek Krasauskas. Indy air
Darren Navarrette.Tweaked backside air.


Mark Pfeiffer. Lien to tail


Darren Navarrette. Stand up frontside grind.


Darren Navarrette. Backside air


Derek Krasauks. Monty grind


Darren Navarrette. Backside air


Derek Krasauks. Tuckknee invert


Jay Stevenson. Indy air


Mark Pfeiffer. Stand up frontside grind


Carlos Naffziger-Brown. Frontside air with strap ons


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