Betonchilbi session in Näfels DIY – Glarus, Switzerland

Betonchilbi session in Näfels, Glarus, in the Swiss mountains refurnished by the Wonders Around the World crew.

I was initially

 apprehensive about coming out to for this build when I got the call, as all I 

could remember about my last trip to Switzerland was paying three euros for a 

packet of rolling papers. However, I needn’t worry, as upon arrival I was 

informed board and lodging included beer and tobacco. They even started off the

project with tap beer on-site, although that was obviously long gone by the

time I arrived 10 days in.

When the Swiss contingent of the crew said they wanted to build a church out of the left over wood to burn on the night of the opening

 party, I was expecting some sort of half-arsed two dimensional cut out.

 However, after an hour of two I was shocked to see, on my way to my tent, that

 they had managed to whip up an actual third replica complete with spire, clock and

 maybe even a pulpit (although I could be imagining that last bit). They then 

stuffed it with pretty much all the left over wood on site. A good old

 fashioned church burning, which I think was what everyone needed for the first

 party post lockdown.

All in all, I’m not too sure what the point of these 

two anecdotes really are but I hope it shows the willingness of the local crew

 to go far beyond the call of duty when it came to hospitality and showing us a

good time. A few other highlights that must also be mentioned were definitely

 working on a park where everyone was referred to as boss, building a kidney 

bowl inside of the old bowl and watching the world’s youngest skate punk band

 (average age of 8) firing up the opening session!

Shout outs to all the big bosses, you know who you 


Words by Henry Frowen
Photos by Alan Maag
Music by Einä Ninnts / @einae_ninnts

Elliott Auffray. Backside nose blunt backside revert
Jan Hirt. Frontside Hurricane Grind
Jan Hirt. Kickflip
Leo Poulet. Pivot slob grab
Luca Andermatt. Backside Tailblock
Paul Buner. Boneless Invert
Philippe Cleeren. Tramsfer into the small tranny
Jan Hirt. Backside Nosepick
Ramon Notz. Frontside transfer.
Stefan Willi. Backside Boneless
They built a church with the left over scrap wood
and then they burned it down

Kid Oost. Frontside Ollie
Elliott Auffray. Backside Tailslide
Henry Frowen. Boardslide Rock’n’Roll
Elliott Auffray barging through the crowd
Einä Ninnts.
Einä Ninnts
Einä Ninnts
Seppe Plasman. Frontside Boardslide

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