Killer 50-50s Pool Jam – 2019 – La Kantera

The second edition of the “Killer 50-50s Pool Jam” went down September 28th-29th at the La Kantera pool in Algorta, Basque Country. Geezers from England, Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal, Basque country and USA showed up for the pool party. No contest, just a pool jam with guys that could be grandpa’s in their lazy boys watching football and drinking beers, instead, skating the gnarly pool on the beach in Algorta, drinking beers and not just talking about the days of yore, but living them. Respect to all you ‘old men’ that showed up to shred the pool. Proud to call you my friends. And thanks, gracias, eskerikk asko to Txus for organizing this killer event, without any official sponsors. See you next year. Older and better, or worse… the show must go one. Skate til death or til you’re too broke.

Words and photos: J. Hay

For a longer report (in Deutsch), check out Boardstein.
For the first edition of the Killer 50-50s Pool Jam plus video, go here.

Sun was still blazing at 5 in the afternoon. Clive, Ron and Jeff hit up the china shop up the hill to fill the icy cooler with three 18-packs.
Txus. Frontside slash grind
Killer 50-50s pool jam host and main man behind the creation of the La Kantera Pool – Txus Dominguez
Gary Boodt from Santa Cruz. Shout out to Meekster who unfortunately couldn’t make it last minute… Gary also pulled an Andrecht but I was on the other side of the pool at the time, and he only did it once
Dietsches. Backside power grind mega butt shot but at least he’s got electrical tap to cover up the butt holes.
Dicky. Frontside grind while throwing his horns.
Starsky Kleinhans. Sunset grinds
Anders Tellen. Feeble to fakie.
Kevin Campbell. No hands no feed frontside grind on the hip. Would hav ebeen sick.
Dicky going for an edger.
Clive. Layback grind
Anders Tellen. Madonna

Under 50’s who joined the sessions:

La Kantera local Borja Casas. Frontside carve grind.
Yago Dominguez, Txus’s son, powerful stand up frontside grind, making papa proud.
David Tuschell. Frontside rock n roll.
David Tuschell. Front smith
Enrique Giles. Nosepick over the deathbox
Enrique Giles. Nosepick over the deathbox. Lighting assist from Juan Limas

Bonus photos:

Johan Berglind from Sweden and French master skate photographer Fred Ferand
Our buddy Chad from California arrived the day before for a visit and a quick Spain tour so he stopped by for the weekend to have some beers/wine with the boys/men and watch some Killer 50-50s pool skating.
Ron from California and Loic from France, Dicky from England and Johan from Sweden… enjoy the ultimate moments of light around the pool before darkness.
LK legend Natxo
Arne Fiehl and Juan Limas
Saturday night at the Layback cafe. Beers and Pizza.
Wolfgangster and Arne Fiehl of
5 germans, a basque, and an american
Sunset at La Kantera
The end of the weekend. 24 hours of no food… up to Illuna bar for (veggie) hamburgers and a couple more beers.

3 thoughts on “Killer 50-50s Pool Jam – 2019 – La Kantera”

  1. Yo my Bro Johnatan,
    was great to see you
    and great to see here your impreshions from the Killer 50:50

    THX a lot

  2. Best session I’ve had in a long time, and with a bunch of new friends and old ones too, I’m stoked on skating again. Thanks for the shot too!

  3. yeah Wolfgangster and Gary! Good times. Gary, too bad I didn’t get a photo of your andrecht in the deepend of the pool, and Wolfgangster, got there too late to get any skate photos of you! Anyway, glad you like the photos and had some good sessions!

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