ZGOSA SPOT – Slovenia


Zgoša spot was found by accident when a local was searching for a nice quiet spot to bang his girlfriend. At the first glance of the perfect spot under a highway bridge his focus shifted from sex to sk8 as he saw the potential for a DIY.

After three years of on and off hype for digging a hole that would fit a bowl, the decision to start working with concrete was made. One month of pain-staking work and the bowl was finished. It would be a lame story if that was that and the authorities didn’t step in.

They caught the build crew red handed. There was no playing dumb at this point so they had to step into contact with the oppressor. At first there was a glimpse of a positive outcome when it was still at a regional level,  but as soon as the news reached the capitol, the DIY was doomed.

Verdict: tear it down and restore it to it’s former state within one month. The squad was bummed out but would not go out without a fight nor a good party. They organized one of the most memorable sk8/punk parties Slovenia has ever witnessed and after numerous efforts at lobbying they actually succeeded to find a person high enough up to stop the demolition.

Zgoša bowl is now a beloved spot amongst local and regional skateboarders and the locals have big ambitions for the future.

Gregor Skok – Frontside Grind
Ziga Rautner – Feeble to Fakie
Gregor Skok – layback slob grind
Kupa – Frontside Air
Deso. Frontside Nosepick
Gregor Skok – Sugarcane grind
Deso. Crail tap
Kupa – Frontside Grind grab
Gregor Skok – Frontside air
Robert Kos. Frontside air
Kupa – Boneless
after the sesh…
… its time to party

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