Sober vs Wasted 2019 at FDR

The seventh annual Sober vs Wasted at FDR Skatepark was the gnarliest one yet.

Photos by @branmonahanphoto 
Video by Andrew Metzger

Ryan Cardone – Rock n Roll

Backside Tailslide

Chuck Treece – McRad

Dickey – Backside Lipslide

Dirtbag – Texas Plant

Greg Pachell Under95

Jay Bev – Backside Smith

Max Fitzgibbon. Frontside grind nose Double grab

Marlon Silva. Frontside Feeble

Tyler Collins. Handplant

Marlon Silva. Massive Ollie over the Hip

Ricky Dormoi Under95

Max Fitzgibbon. Layback air

Jeff Rasp. Tailbone

Maxx Hussey – Under95

Jay Bev – Frontside Air


Jay Bev – Fast Plant

Jeff Rasp – Frontside Ollie

Max Fitzgibbon. Frontside Air

Mark Groves – tailblock

Jeff Rasp – Handplant

Jay Bev – Frontside Air over the Channel


Jay Bev – Invert


Ryan Cardone – Feeble over the bunker

Sean K – Frontside grind

Video by Andrew Metzger

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