Qudsaya Skatepark – Syria

“The first skatepark of Syria was finished yesterday. The project was made between Skate Aid, SOS Childrens Villages of Syria and Wonders around the World in 26 days, 11 pours, 85 cubes of concrete and diarrhea, 1000 falafels and countless cups of tea.

More than hundred kids are so stoked to skate and hopefully have some time on the board without thinking about all the hard conditions they have been through here.”

Article, photos, video and edit by Lait O Poulet

Qudsaya skatepark in Syria and the streets of Lebanon

Opening of Qudsaya skatepark in Syria

3 thoughts on “Qudsaya Skatepark – Syria

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  2. Woah. This park is amazing. Incredible work. Amazing how they made this for kids so they could practice and have some fun at the same time. Good job. Thank you for sharing.

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