Outside DIY VXpisode – northern Portugal

Somewhere under a bridge in northern Portugal.


Featuring in order of appearance: Romeo Mateus, Marcos, Iban Miji, Ciso Afonso, Adriano Alves, Bruno Senra, Gabriel Ribeiro, and Daniel “Canina” Pinto.

Filmed / Edited by Pedro X. Matos @die_tryingskateboarding

Music by: Mr. Miyagi
Photography by João Sales

Under the bridge

Humble begginings

Elbows deep, one for all and all for one!


Local crew, not playing with their phones or on their X-Box, but helping to build an insane skate spot.

Building blocks


Night shift

Backside smith grind in the shallow end

Keep on truckin’

Outside DIY – overview. All photos by Renato Lainho

Ciso. Frontside invert on the loveseat

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