R.I.P. Ryan “Frenchy” Franciose

Photo: Coburn Huff


Frenchy was a skateboarder idolized by his peers. His unique take on skating and life was against the grain. From his loose ass, barrier shredding, trucks. To his odd music taste ranging from Kris Kristofferson to Yin Yang twins. He always had a cold Coors in his hand and a smile on his face. Beers and Barriers in the Great Beyond!!

Frenchy is succeeded by his daughter Donavyn. She will never truly know her father or have his support through life. Please help support his daughters future by donating to her GoFundMe.


Frontside flip.  Photo: Coburn Huff

Frontslide flip. Photo: Coburn Huff

Front blunt. Photo: Coburn Huff

Photo: Coburn Huff

Frontside nosegrind. Photo: Coburn Huff

Pole jam fakie. Photo: Coburn Huff

Wallride to fakie. Photo: Coburn Huff

Kickflip fakie. Photo: Coburn Huff

Front crooked grind to fakie.  Photo: Coburn Huff

Artwork by Jeremy Fish

One thought on “R.I.P. Ryan “Frenchy” Franciose

  1. I just wanted to say thank you to confuzine.com for posting this to Coburn Huff for his amazing pictures and to the whole skateboard community you are awsome!!!!
    Wayne Franciose
    Ryan’s Dad 💖

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