Andrew Schleifer RIP

“Rest easy my friend. All my favorite clips I have gathered together to make this part. Andrew would always put this song at my house or on the jukebox so I thought it was appropriate to use on this video. #Hdrewforever Filmed by all of your friends.” – Andy Ashburn

Edit by Andy Ashburn. Filmed by Andy and friends

“Got the news this morning when I woke and and I’m in such disbelief. Another homie taken way too soon. Andrew always had so much hype, a smile on his face and the most positive vibe. Such a rad dude, ripped on a skateboard and ripped at being a person. I don’t want to believe this. The feeling of waking up to hearing a homie passed has become way too common lately. Rest easy brother. To all my friends on this side and the next, I love you all.” – Frank Shaw

Andrew Schleifer. No Comply. Photo: Blake Jossi @blakesabbath_

“If you knew Hdrew you know he was the best fucking dude to skate with and just be around. I love you dude.” – Jesse Cobb

“I can’t believe what I’ve heard but you’re one the top dudes to kick it with.. MUCH LOVE HDREW!”
– Nick Peterson

“Words can not explain how I feel today after hearing the news about losing Andrew Schleifer. Andrew was Smart, loyal, Good hearted, handsome, Standup guy, and so many more great things. He stood up for what was right and I’ve seen it so many times. Great to his close friends. Great to everyone really. Andrew loves animals especially cats. He had a bunch of em and was a great cat daddy. He loves the Yankees! I’m going to miss you dearly Andrew. I love you and always will! Rest In Peace good friend.” – Andy Ashburn

Memorial for Andrew Schliefer at his local park – Pier Park, in Portland, Oregon made by his friends Chris Nukala and Tuesday Teal.

14 thoughts on “Andrew Schleifer RIP

  1. Kitty, I was so sorry to see this post. I didn’t know Andrew, but I saw all your posts about him and know how close you were. There is nothing I can say to ease your pain. I am so sorry. He sounds like he was a wonderful guy, and will be greatly missed by many. Please know, that my heart is with you.

  2. Thank you guys for posting this wonderful tribute to Andrew’s zest for life, goodness and friendship.

    Kitty, there is nothing on my mind but you. ((()))

  3. We are so absolutely heartbroken to hear this news. All our love and sympathy goes out to you, dear Kitty. The boys are on their way to see you.

  4. My Dear Kitty,
    All of us here in NY were so saddened to hear the news of Andrew’s passing. My heart goes out to you and all the family. It is obvious to see that Andrew was well loved by his friends. I smiled while watching the video his friends posted. I pray that you sadness will be lightened some in knowing how loved Andrew was by so many. We love you Kitty.
    Mary, David, Charlene & Michael

  5. Rip In Peace brother .. you always were positive every time I skated pier ! Miss you.

  6. Absolutely stunned and heartbroken to hear this news. What a wonderful tribute from Andrew’s friends. Kitty, may you find peace and comfort in knowing how loved Andrew was and his positive influence to those around him.

  7. every time I look at this page I’m more impressed and proud of my grandson- I knew he was cool but had no idea of all the people he touched and who recognized the fine human being he is- every time I look he is more beautiful and I feel and remember him more- and he looks like me at that age so much, it was always clear we had a special bond, and now I see that he made many others feel that way too- a gifted soul- Lincoln Schleifer

  8. I remember Andrew fondly growing up in White Plains. He and Dylan were so close. The overwhelming display of love and respect in all these photos and videos is awe inspiring. He was taken way too soon but it is clearly apparent that he left a beautiful mark on the world.
    Rest in peace Andrew

  9. I’m so proud to be Andrew’s uncle. My sister instilled key values in him, that he clearly took and imparted on the world. The outpouring of support for him and his mom has been nothing short of incredible. Thank you all for helping us through this trying time.

  10. Your beautiful soul will live on in the hearts of everyone who will never stop loving you – we will feel your presence in so many things that we do and smile when we breathe your essence

  11. Andrew, I’m comforted to see how much you are loved not only by your family but by your amazing family of friends. Love you and miss you Andrew

  12. Andrew we’ve only meet and seen afew times but it is amazing the impact you made on your friends, family and community. Your family is very proud of you. RIP. Dixie and Janene

  13. As Andrew’s mother, I can testify to all of the amazing adjectives used to describe him. Andrew was kind, gentle, funny, caring, creative, loyal, incredibly talented and beautiful soul. I am blessed to have the honor of being Andrew’s mama and beyond proud of the extraordinarily remarkable person he was. Thank you to everyone who has continued to honor, love and remember my sweet boy.
    Andrew Donovan, you are deeply loved and missed – you will never be forgotten! XOXO

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