Jaime Mateu – “Give Me The Power!” – B Sides

Jaime Mateu, from Mallorca, Spain, headed over to southern California for a couple months and filmed a full part released August 1st on Thrasher magazine, entitled Give Me the Power! Andrew Jimenez, who filmed and edited the part, handed us over the extras / b-sides that didn’t make the final cut. Jaime Mateu is one the maddest skaters out there, so check out the full 12 minutes of raw balls to the walls skateboarding from this unstoppable maniac!

Filmed / edited by Andrew Jimenez @drsalsaverde

Slob plant at mammoth. Photo: Justin "Kennedy" DeAndrade
Slob plant at mammoth. Photo: Justin “Kennedy” DeAndrade

Check out his full part “Give me the Power!” on Thrasher Magazine.

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