Basque Pool Skate 2016 – Gernika

Basque Pool Skate is a series of events in Basque Country: Gernika, Ordizia, Getxo.

Skate in pools (concrete bowls) and shred good times with the locals and foreign skaters. The first event in Gernika was rad!!. Many young guns skating the pool (Julen Gonzalez, Yago Dominguez…..)

We made a jam session of under 16s, open-masters, and best trick. Mikel Muguerza won best trick with a hippy jump over the stairs.

The next event will be in Ordizia on July 23rd, and the final event in Getxo, September 3rd.

Come to skate!!!

Words + photos Borja Casas

Yago Dominguez
Txus Domonguez
Sergio Cadena
Sendoa Altonaga
Larrun Barrenetxea
Omar Ben Hamed
Mikel Mugerza hippy jump over the ladder
Mikel Mugerza
Julen Gonzalez
Basque pool skate.

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