Joensuu DIY – Finland

This place is situated in Joensuu which is a small city in eastern Finland. This DIY spot is actually a street takeover. Cars used to drive there, but the city changed roads lining few years back. Now there is 500 meters of 8 meters wide rough pavement. Street barriers on both sides. Street is now for bikes and walkers. There is a football field and jogging paths right next to this place. So why not build a park? Hoodlamb Nordic`s finest Santeri Sihvonen, Kisvonen & KiviSotilas a.k.a. StoneSoldier went there ripping. JÖÖS!

Update: The city destroyed the first one. The second one is being built in a place which is rented from the city to local skaters. Check back soon for photos from the new spot.






Photos + words by Alppe Liigalainen

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