Aberystwyth D.I.Y – Wales

“The bank is a spot that I’ve been skating for years, one of the few decent street spots in Aberystwyth… I use the term ‘decent’ in relative terms to what else we have in our town, so it still needed some additions. I began with a transitioned bottom on the bank… Easy…. And after my proposing something a little bigger, Joel seemed down to help. Four late night (1-6am) mid-winter building sessions later, we had a quarter pipe adjacent to the bank. It’s a rough ass micro-coaster, the sort of thing you’d love to hate, but we built it, so we shred it.”  – Lloyd Houston

Photos by Toby Monks

Lloyd Houston. Bomb drop.  Photo: Toby Monk
Lloyd Houston. Bomb drop. Photo: Toby Monk
Lloyd Houston. No comply tail and Joel Taylor 5-0.  Photo: Toby Monks
Lloyd Houston, No comply tailslide and Joel Taylor noseblunt slide. Photo: Toby Monks

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