Ripollet Bowl Party – Barcelona, Spain

On July 7th, a few miles from Barcelona, we had the luck to enjoy the first RIPOLLET BOWL PARTY organized by the Ripollet City Council, Gypsy Skateboarding and Adventures, Hey Ho Skateshop, Maccaroni Distribution, Bastard Clothing and Confusion DIY Magazine, to celebrate the official opening of the park. At the beginning,  at 6pm,  this kind of event didn’t look like too much fun. If you know the building, in the front is an “Old People’s Club.” But Ripollet is a very special place, and these old people too. Some of them came to see the party and applaud the tricks. When we asked for a bar where we could pick up some beers they said “at our place we have Estrella Galicia for €1”, something absolutely impossible to get in Barcelona. To drink a glass bottle in the street, the most delicious spanish beer, for just 1 euro… I love Ripollet.

In the bowl, there were people from the Hey Ho Brigade: Nico Vignoles, Iñaki Gonzalez, Rantan, Xavi Zamora and Oskar Destroyer making long grinds, various bonelesses and big airs, Guineueta locals and their really tough skateboarding, and other skaters like Sammy Anderson and Sergi Arenas… and the Ripollet locals with their unbelievable knowledge of the best bowl lines making the fastest carves.

I missed some live music and maybe a barbeque… but thanks to the effort of the organizers, the announcer, and the DJ, we had a lot of fun at the jam. Hardcore and punk rock classics mixed with some flamenco songs, prizes for the biggest airs, longest grinds, and most old school trick… a modest event in a good bowl with good people.   – Alejandro Muñiz

Fotos: Elliot Birkin

Guineueta local, Yeray Escobar. Backside disaster.
FS smith grind.
Lien to tail
Sergi Arenas. Melon to tail.
Heading for a backside disaster.
Sergi Arenas. Layback tailslide crash course in brain surgery.
Backside smith.
Grom. Rock n Roll.
Sergi Arenas. FS grind.
Nicolas Vignoles. Tuck knee frontside air.
Checking out Confusion Mag issue #4 while watching the bowl jam.
Rantan, the Hey Ho Brigade Team manager.

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