Pudi’s Pool Coping for DIY project in Cologne, Germany

Pudi made some new Pudi’s Pool Coping (PPC) for a DIY Project in Köln, Germany. Experimenting with pigment branding on the pool blocks, he made some custom CONFUSION POOL COPING! Thanks Pudi. You rule! Hopefully we have these placed by the end of the summer and you can see them in action!

3 thoughts on “Pudi’s Pool Coping for DIY project in Cologne, Germany

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  3. He!eFølgjr dig alle 3 steder!Og du ville have en sjov kommentar sÃ¥ her fÃ¥r du en meget (MEGET) plat joke:Hvad er det der ligger nede i bunden af en spand og sir “dav dav”- En spanddauer :-)mvh Sisse

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