Sihlside Spot. D.I.Y: Zürich, Switzerland

A year ago, we started with a small concrete quarter pipe. We didn’t know how long it would stay there, so we were really happy with our little spot. After a while, we built up a wobble and a china bank and still, no one teared it down. So we went big and built a corner, complete with Pudi’s Pool Coping. And with every new project, we improved, and learned a lot about building a spot. None of us had ever done anything like this before. Finally, this spring, we continued with a hip. And, thinking about the beginning, where we came in the night to built the first quarter… it was unbelievable that we can celebrate the first birthday of Sihlside.
But the end is near, this fall it will be over. Nicolas Buechi

Sylvain Morger. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

Damien Morger

Nicolas Buechi

Sylvain Morger

Sylvain Morger

Photos: Nicolas Buechi

BUT WAIT! That’s not all… Two videos. One of the 1st year anniversary/birthday, and the other of the creating of Sihlside.

Sihlside – 1st Birthday Session from September Wheels

SIHLSIDE 2010 – LOCALS ONLY (building sessions) from September Wheels

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