Backyard Bowl. Bavaria, Germany **UPDATE**

Minus Pools and friends have completed a little bowl in the backyard of Blackriver, somewhere in Bavaria, and they’re off to the next project nearby…

Photos courtesy: Martin @ Black River

In the earlier post about this “Backyard Pool“, someone named ‘Vogel‘ (bird) complained”:

    What is that? A birdbath? The thing is barely one meter deep, if that. And not even vert! Backyard Pool? Ridiculous. That’s a shame to call something like this a “back yard pool” Man o man…” (translated from German)

Well true, it is not a BIG, DEEP and STEEP “backyard pool”, like you would typically find in, for example, California. However, this is about as close you get to a pool with transitions in Germany or Austria, or almost anywhere in Europe, and it certainly is in a backyard. But if you prefer, let’s just call it a Backyard Bowl. No, it’s not big, but it sure looks fun. What do you have to skate in your backyard, except your bird bath?

3 thoughts on “Backyard Bowl. Bavaria, Germany **UPDATE**

  1. Love it. We just picked up a 12′ satellite dish, laid it out in the yard and I thought man….it’s not big enough… Doesn’t matter does it? it’s mine and I’ll have fun..

  2. thats exactly what I want to do but not with concrete cooping. how much did that cost to make, did you use rebar? if you dont mind, what are the dimmensions? measurements?

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