Confusion videos (archive)

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The Home of Good Times: Boheme DIY Park

420 tons of moved and molded material. 144 tons of concrete. 481 sqm of hand-stack concrete. 5 years of work. This is Boheme DIY Park. English subtitles.

Molten Trucks Rails

Molten trucks moulded into skateboard rails. More info at

Merrick Orr’s SKATANIC Part

Filmed & edited @tube_ovision

Confusion – JB’s LOST EDIT

Filmed / edited by Jeff Biedenbach. Skaters in order of appearance: James Alby, Shawn Baravetto, JB, Donovan Rice, Paul Fujita, Gabe Stoltz, Drew Bieschke, Ace Pelka, Brooks Bushman, Riley Stevens, Greg Harbour, Jeff Cobb, and Taylor Hoagland.


Bryggeriet presents Dorkzone, a film by Phil Evans and Mike O’Shea.

BAGHEAD 3 – trailer part

Merci Marseille from Hell Yeah Son
Featuring Alex Hallford, Jordan Thackeray, Sam Beckett, Chloé Bernard, Helena Long, George Poole, Dannie Carlsen, and more…

Drew Bieschke – Powerflex Wheels – Raw Clips


Bart Saric’s ’48 and I Still Love 2 SK8′ Skateboarding Part, Represented in the Newest ‘Skater Made’ Team Film /DVD “EVERYTHING WENT SKATE” Keeping The Stoke on course for the fun and longevity of it .

JAY FAIRMAN part – Plague Hardware

Filmed / edited by Jeff Biedenbach / @plaguehardware

Southern California Pools

Filmed by Zach Cusano and Chuck Pontone
Edited by Johannes Hirschmann

DRAINED – a ditch tour video

Biberbowl Skateboard opening – Bavaria, Germany

Edited by Martin Ehrenberger

Javier Saavedra – Sin Ollie 2

Basque Country for Old Men

Featuring Marc Churchill, Mark Munson, Carl Wilson, French and Jerome Loughran

Cal Young crew – Tricks for Treats – Eugene, Oregon

Filmed and edited by Jeff Biedenbach

Ryan Maddox SSDD PART 2018

“Wrong side of the lens for my 40th birthday. Curbs and coping, same shit different day. Choose death.” – Ryan Maddox
Filmed by: Stone Bear, Sad Filmer, Jake the Jeweler, Baby Nate, Dill Rodriquez, Monico Candelaria, Georgia Owen, Brent Hyden, Troy Gonzales, Gush, Jer Wooten, and Lance Mountain.


Filmed by Jonathan Hay. Edited by Johannes Hirschmann and Jonathan Hay.



Filmed and Edited by Bart Saric

Drew Bieschke – Crete Sandwich Vol. 2

Furchtbare Bärenattacke im Aichhalder Loch

Video from various skate trips around europe this summer featuring southern German skaters: juli, jan, schianta, david, max, tim, nico, stjepan, andi, timo, fabio, manu, g.i.jey, cedric, RW. Edited by Max Shrädder


Filmed / edited by Andrew Metzger

Loveletters Season 9: Mark “Monk” Hubbard | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters

Loveletters to skateboarding dedicated to Mark ‘Monk’ Hubbard’s life work in concrete skateparks and diys around the world. “Mark “Monk” Hubbard was a skateboarder, artist, musician, builder, dreamer, and visionary. This Loveletter is a tribute to Monk in his own words.” Music: Grindline the Band

The American Experience

Starring Jonathan Sjöberg. Featuring Donovan Rice and Ethan DeMoulin
Filmed & edited by Henry Forsnor / Baeonci.


Filmed and edited by: Carly Cunningham. Featured skaters: Gavin Rosenberg, Alex Buncy, Mike Jones, Sean Powderly, Henry Pham, Zach Paup, Kyle Wilhelm, Ryan Cardone, Chuck Pontone, Jeff Rasp, Ben Hull, Ralph Basciano, Alder Wilson, Zach Cusano, Mike Bakken, Adam Mercado, Kyle Nicholson, Charlie Weiss, Dave Hunt, Donnie Hixson, Kyle Walker, Zion Wright, Chris Gedney, Mikey Leven, Nico Trevizo, Jesse McEneaney, Jordan Beverly, Greg Pachell, Dickie Hagernaut, Tyler Yuraszeck, Darren Menditto, Ishod Wair, Ricky Santiago, Kevin Baekkel, Steve Wells, Sean Plundeke, Tom Loreaux, Tommy Collins, Tyler Collins, Angus McGillivray Smith, Brandan Zombek,Justin Williamson, and Hans Frank.


Filmed / edited by David Duesterberg
Permission was shot entirely on 16mm film short ends of various stocks, using a Krasnogorsk-3 Russian wind-up camera. The film was shot over several years, and many trips down to Fresno in an attempt to document how some motivated individuals in the midst of a disastrous drought and struggling economy have caused the pool skating scene to thrive.

Antiz Skateboards’ “Echoes Of The Road” – Full video

Directed by Ludovic Azemar with Gabriel Engelke, Samuel Partaix, Remy Taveira, Peter Molec, Yeelen Moens, Robin Bolian, Mickael Germond, Pepe Tirelli, Quentin Boillon, Samu Karvonen, Roland Hirsch, Thanos Panou, Victor Pellegrin, Teemu Pirinen, Michel Mahringer, Uryann Raudet, Julien Bachelier

Small Beating – Mammoth 2018

Filmed / edited by David Duesterberg

TEMPLE – A monochrome skateboarding quest

Written and Directed by Pierre David & Douglas Guillot

Niv Halpern – “Back to Life” – video part

Powerflex Wheels – Drew Bieschke & Noah Johnson – West Coast Boogie

Video / edit by CYC Skate


Bowlmasters 2018 – Brixlegg, Austria

WESUCK in Namibia

Starring Peter Stromberger, Arne Fiehl vom BOARDSTEIN, and David Marlo Conrads.

The Wrong Way To Trip – Denver Danglers part

Filmed & Edited by Andrew Metgzer / Gnarhammered Skateboards

Support Your Local DIY 4 – Beaulieu DIY – France

Film & Edit: Bastien Regeste


Featuring Jeff Rasp, Alder Wilson, Ryan Miller, Andrew Metzger, Brad Hoffman, Scott Kimec, Ralph Bascaiano, Henry Pham, Ryan Cardone, and Gavin Rosenberg. Filmed by Carli Cunningham and Travis Boerner. Edited by Henry Pham

Assault Skateboards – “Lay Down your Weapons”

Featuring: Ace Pelka, Shonn Oquendo, Garrett Lekas, Mike Bricke, Tiger Jones, Brooks Bushman and Riley Kozerski. Edit: ShonnO

Gavin Rosenberg’s part from the latest Gnarhammered full length video “The Wrong Way to Trip“.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Metzger. Additional filming by Carly Cunningham.

Jesse Cobb – insta-remix 2018 (151 skateboards)

Abraham Torres (12 years old) from Cantabria, Spain. Part for Gorila Skateshop.

Fried Lines with Elijah Akerley

Filmed by Tadashi Filters

Saint Denis

A documentary presented by Carhartt WIP about the life and times of Denis Lynn, a talented skater who grew up too fast on the streets of Belfast Northern Ireland. The documentary chronicles Denis’ life and follows him as he struggles to stay on the right path while trying to maintain his life as a professional skater. Filmed / edited by Phil Evans



Filmed and edited by Sean Nguyen and Skibi Bobaj.


Featuring in order of appearance: Brandon Perelson, Abbas Ochoa, Chris Cope, Willis Kimbel, Patrick Ryan, Jerry Gurney, Omar Hassan, Crazy Kyle, Jason Landau, Arto Saari, Rowan Zorilla, Shaun Ross. Filmed / edited by: Grant Levy


Archer Braun For Vagrant

Filmed by: Collin Schwartz • Song: Big Guy “Test Recordings”

POOL PARTY from Ballifornia video from Truckstop Sk8 shop. Ballina, NSW, Australia.

Featuring Jakob Robinson, Shem Bragg, jerry Burke, brook Thompson, Luke and Simon Carver. Filmed by Tony Tony Turmel Chavez and Dave Adair

Jeff Biedenbach x Confusion Magazine

Jeff Biedenbach rides for Assault Skateboards and is a filmer / editor for Confusion Magazine. JB is also the owner of Plague Hardware.


MANS-E-RAMA session at the Kenneli DIY featuring Willis Kimbel, Chris Russell, Bjørn Lillesøe, Simon Karlsson, Ginger and more…
Video by Mikko Björk / Jaro Serla. Music by Terrori ennen kuolemaa.

Dumb Skateboards 2018 promo video

Dumb Skateboards 2018 promo featuring Daniel Cardone, Matteo Carmagnini, Giulio Pietroiusti, Chicco Di Paolo, Alessio Zanfeim, Simone Verona, Tom Derichs, Giovanni Grazzani, Nicola Giordano, and Raffaele Pola.

Chris Russel and Cory Juneau – longest boardslide in Brazil

Chris Russell and Cory Juneau tying for first place at the best trick last weekend on the Oi Park Jam in Praia Brava in Itajaí City, Brazil. Video by Diego Zeferino

David Sanchez part – Consolidated Skateboards “Never Say Never”

Music: Poison idea – “Taken by Surpise”
Music/words written by Jerry A. Lang published by Richie Dagger Music.

Warriors Family – Protagonist Arrogance

Edit: Roy Clavadetscher. Filming: Sean Nguyen, Alan Maag, Skibi Bobaj, Roy Clavadetscher, Dennis Gallicchio, Andres Bignasca, the Warriors and friends. Featuring: Fabrizio Lucchini, Simone Chiolerio, Roy Clavadetscher, Matteo Terrani, Dennis Gallicchio, Daniel ‘Schianta’ Lepori, Livio Gritti, Igor Fardin, Andres Bignasca, Federico Boldini, Kevin Blaser, Niki Paltenghi, Gilles Gallicchio, Daniele ‘Testa’ Cereghetti, Alex Treter, Marcel Samesand, Sebastian Gandt, Manu Rezzonico, Luciano Simonetti, Moris Freiburghaus, Stephan Willi, Francesco Ghielmetti, Dino Brandao, Will Twala, Simone Bignasca, Adrien Marco, Mark Flückiger, Sven Kilchenmann, Timmey, Batti, Enrico Giovannini, Emanuele Pizzali, Kilian Zehnder, Mirco Bitterli, Martino Cattaneo, Gian Matteuzzi, Damian & Lucio Stamerra, Simone ‘Sacco’ Cera.

Vagrant “Sketchy Rollers” in the Pacific North West

Featuring Vagrant team riders: Chris Livingston, Zane Timpson, Elijah Akerley, Brendan Villanueva, Jojo Heffington, and Ryan Hill. Filmed & Edit By: Coburn Huff. Additional Zane Timpson

Holiday in Morocco

Filmed / Edited by Poulet Léo


Skate Crime – Northwest Destruction Tour

Felony Flatspotters by Jivaro Wheels

Josh “SKREECH” Sandoval. Burnside loop.

Burnside Skatepark – Halloween 2017 – Portland Oregon

Souta Tomikawa – US Tour 2017

Berber Brüder (How we skated 20 different countries in less than a year)

Annapurna Skatepark (Short Documentary)

Video by Outtallecturals

FDR Skatepark – Sober vs. Wasted – 2017

Confusion Magazine x Denver Danglers

Denver Danglers and friends featuring Chuck Pontone, Alex Buncy, Mike Jones, Gavo Rosenberg, Jordan Beverly, and Zach Cusano.

2er – Builders Jam – 2017

Craig Questions – Magic Sticky Hand 2 – Heroin Skateboards

No Fun Intended – Gnarhammered Skateboards

Jaime Mateu – “Give Me the Power!” – B Sides

La Kantera Pro 2017 – Getxo, Basque

Support Your Local DIY 3: Beaulieu DIY Jame – France

Cherry Bowl Bash 4 – Horst Club – Switzerland

Young Rat and homies clip

WALLSHIT – Matt Tozer

Confusion Magazine – shralpin’ around (volume 3)

Air + Style 2017 – Innsbruck, Austria

Wild at the Zoo with Chris Cope

PLAGUE HARDWARE – Confusion magazine edit

FUCK FEAR DRINK BEER – Port Land DIY – Basel, Switerzland

Jaime Mateu – Three days in Valencia with Cuervo Rat

Halloween at Portside DIY

Burnside Halloween 2016

Confusion Magazine – shralpin’around (volume 2)

The (almost) Complete Guide to Nor Cal’s DIY Spots

La Kantera Pro Pool Contest 2016

Assault Skateboards at Vista

Assault Skates – Welcome to Prince Park

Zach Cusano’s Vert ramp party – May 2016


Team Trouble Laax

Confusion Magazine – shralping around (volume 1) – San Diego to the North West

Zach Cusaso’s xmas Skarty

La Kantera book release session – December 17th, 2015

Building 少し東京DIY with the Urban Skate Project (Little Tokyo DIY)

Euro Gypsy Trip

Lincon City “Sweet Sixteen” Bowl Bash

John ‘Dana’ Allison

Damn Pool Party – France

Le Chai bowl – France

Lohse party 2015 – Cologne, Germany

Bergfest 2015 – Peace, Love and Skateboarding – Münster, Germany

Pink Motel – 6th annual Camtest/Tuckfest: A Benefit for Cancer charities

Switchblades and Urethane Music Festival: Mike Vallely’s Revolution Mother

Confusion in Berlin – Shitfootmongoland x Betonhausen – featuring the Warriors and friends

Truckstop Skate shop – ZFlex BSFW (Build.Skate.Film.Win) 2015 – Creekside DIY – Byron Bay, Australia

Palmdale Pool Project

Kevin Kowalski – off the roof – Nimbin skatepark – Australia

Skreech backyard pool annihilation session

North Brigade re-opening – Cologne, Germany

Swampy’s part for Baghead Kills

Concrete Corner Episode 02: Basic Tools

Antwerp Skate Depot – Saturday night session (part 2 – OMSA Pool)

Antwerp Skate Depot – Saturday night session (part 1 – ramps)

Concrete Corner Episode 01: Patch DIY

Super… Pool Sunday

Fiesta Des Ursulines – Bruxelles, Belgium – 2014

Skartable DIY Skate Spot

Hallows Eve Bowl Bash 2014 – Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest


Carlos Arellano Benefit / Contest

Come Together Skate Jam – Cologne, Germany

Grandpa’s DIY – La Selva Beach, California

Ramp Jam V – Belgium countryside

Weekend at Derby – Santa Cruz, California – September 2013

Lohse Party 2013 – Cologne, Germany

Hullet DIY – Copenhagen, Denmark – Lifeblood / Independent session – August, 2012

Best of Both – Düsseldorf, Germany – Day 2 – OMSA Pool – 2013

Owl Bowl 2012 – Cologne, Germany – Skate Contest at North Brigade

Any given Friday: Buena Vista Pool – Watsonville, California

Cruise & Booze “Bowl Session and Party Extravaganza”. Area 51 skatepark, Eindhoven. Holland. March 23, 2013

Vert Attack 6 – Malmö, Sweden – 2012

Whip’s Eel Do surf and skate party – Portugal

Fiesta Des Ursulines – Bruxelles, Belgium – May 2012

Zarosh and the Goat Bowl. California.

One Night in Wonderland – Christiania, Denmark

Bergfest 2012 – Münster, Germany

Faelledparken skatepark session. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fernando Elvira – Faith Software Actualized – Germany 2012

Ultrabowl 4: Malmö, Sweden

Bowl Attack – Scandinavia – Bryggeriet Bowl in Malmö, Sweden (part 2 of 3)

R.O.W. – Rednecks on Wood – Live at Fiesta Des Ursulines – Brussels, Belgium

Baum’s Ramp. Aachen, Germany

Bowl Attack – Scandinavia – Copenhagen & Malmö (part one)

Graveside Hawaii

Deadwood on Wheels – Arty Farty x Wasted Box x ELZO

Vert Attack 5 – Malmö, Sweden – 2011

Malmö DIY – Sibbarp Skatepark, Sweden – May 14th, 2011

OWL BOWL opening at Northbrigade: Cologne, Germany

Bergfest: Battle of the Monster Bowl – July 16th, 2011

Mexican Motorheads: Towing in to Mexican Beach Break

Out of Stock: Stockwell Skatepark Exhibition. Stockwell, London

Back to Old School III: Antwerp, Belgium – September 11th & 12th, 2010

Impakt Skateboards Easter Run: Southern Germany & Austria

Teahupoo, Tahiti – Spring 2011

Barrier Barge – Ballina Skatepark – New South Wales, Australia

Lohse Ramp “Locals Only” Low Budget Party

Hossegor Surf: South West France – September 2010

Pirate Ship – Hossegor, France – OMA BBQ Bowl Session


Best of Both III – Düsseldorf, Germay – August 28th, 2011

Interview with Zarosh on building DIY project: CACHAGUA LAND

ULTRA BOWL II – Malmö, Sweden (Semis / Finals) – August 22nd, 2010

ULTRA BOWL II – Malmö, Sweden (Qualifications) August 21st, 2010

Siegburg concrete and Hof mini Ramp in Bonn, Germany

Blackcross Bowl – Basel Switzerland

European Skateboard Championships – Basel, Switzerland: ESC 10th Anniversary (Half Pipe)

Sondika – Basque Country: 10 grinds in 60 seconds

Under the Bridge: Köln, Germany, with YAMA & IMPAKT SKATEBOARDS

Under the Bridge: Köln, Germany

Velodrome Bowl – Oostende, Belgium – Opening Day

Netherlands Concrete Cruising Trip en route to Oostende, Belgium

Grandpa’s Bonus Footage – DIY spot in Santa Cruz, California

Danger!…Sean Gutierrez in Germany

Adam Benson @ Grandpa’s

Malmö, Sweden – Skate weekend


Impakt Skateboards: night in Brussels

Wasted Box skateshop opening skate party – Cologne, Germany

Basque Skate Sessions at La Kantera and Guernika – August, 2009

Impakt crew take on Siegburg, Germany

Oakland Black Bottom Pool with Matt Neely (RIP)

What Sharks? Surfing on the North Coast of Santa Cruz

Zarosh’s Cacahagua Land DIY Skate Project

LohseRampe Party Köln – 2010

Guerilla Grafitti with Bonom – Brussels, Belgium

Brusk Collective’s: Fiesta Des Ursulines – featuring Consolidated Skateboards