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To purchase any clothing, magazines, subscriptions, etc. you can pay with paypal through the bigcartel store, or you can email your order request and your address and we will send you an invoice with shipping costs and BANK TRANSFER information (in europe only – for those who do not want to use paypal).
For US orders you can also pay with paypal by clicking on “send money” and send $22 for a subscription to or you can also mail a check to Confusion Magazine to PO Box 1024, Santa Cruz, CA 95061.
For any special requests, email us.


ISSUE #7 is NOW AVAILABLE so get your subscription so you don’t miss out!
Single issues also available!


Confusion – Vertigo [black] – €17


Confusion VERTIGO tee. Black. Artwork by Paul Parker

Confusion – Skate-Life Skull [black] – €17

Confusion SKATE-LIFE SKULL tee. Black. Artwork by Papapada

Confusion – Acid Puke [green] – €17

Confusion ACID PUKE tee. Puke GREEN. Artwork by Craig QUESTIONS Scott

Confusion – International Skateboarding Magazine [white] – €17

Confusion – International Skateboarding Magazine. Military Green. Artwork by Fernando Elvira.

Confusion – International Skateboarding Magazine [military green]
– €17

Confusion – International Skateboarding Magazine. Military Green. Artwork by Fernando Elvira.

Confusion – POOL NEST [white] – €17 (only available in small)

Confusion POOL NEST. White. Artwork by Hirotton.

– €17

Confusion SKETCHY MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Blue. Artwork by Patrick Jilbert.

ÜBER LIMITED EDITION – Only 12 tshirts printed!!

Confusion – Two Headed Crow [white]
– €17

Confusion TWO HEADED CROW t-shirt. Artwork by Jake Lammas

LIMITED EDITION – Only 24 tshirts printed!!

Confusion – Grim Reaper T-Shirt [black]
– €17

Confusion Magazine – Grim Reaper T-Shirt (black). Artwork by Sadam.

Confusion – Grim Reaper [grey]
– €17

Confusion Magazine – Grim Reaper T-Shirt (grey). Artwork by Sadam.

Confusion – Sacrifice T-Shirt [white]
– €17 (only available in Small)

Confusion Sacrifice. Artwork by Alex Duke

Confusion – Support the Underground T-Shirt [black]
– €17

Confusion Magazine - support the underground

Confusion Magazine – Support the Underground T-Shirt (black). Artwork by Lele.

Confusion – Support Underground Sk8boarding [white]
– €17

Confusion Magazine – Support Underground Sk8boarding T-Shirt (white). Artwork by Lele.

Confusion – Pool Skeleton T-Shirt [black] SOLD OUT

Pool Skeleton Tshirt (black). Artwork by JJ Rudisill

Confusion – MESH CAPS [white / black]
– €15

Confusion – Mesh Caps (Pool Skeleton, Sacrifice, and Support Underground Skateboarding)


Confusion Magazine subscription – Never miss an issue!!

Subscriptions (Germany only) – €14
Subscriptions (Rest of the world) – €18 / $22

Confusion Magazine - Issue #5




Confusion Magazine - Issue #2



Confusion x Local Skateboards collab deck

Confusion x Local Skateboards collab deck

CONFUSION x LOCAL SKATEBOARDS collab deck – €45 / $60 (+ shipping)

Confusion Magazine Skate Life limited edition run of 20 boards in collaboration with LOCAL SKATEBOARDS from Poland. Canadian Maple hand pressed and hand cut and silkscreened. “Jason Jessee” shape limited to 10.

9.3″ widest point • 8.25″ narrowest point • 14″ wheelbase • 32.25″ length

Artwork by Papada. Skateboards by Local Skateboards:
(Each board comes with 3 Confusion Magazines and stickers.)

CONFUSION MAGAZINE – STICKER PACKS [12+ stickers] – €5 / $6


Confusion Magazine Muckefuck Urethane Collab skateboard wheels. 55mm. 100a hardness.

Specifically formulated to resist flatspotting while maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll. The urethane is the perfect blend of grip, slide & durability. A harder inner core ensures a perfect bearing seat & smooth roll – ideal for modern all terrain skateboarding.

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