Sin Ollie 3 – Javier Saavedra

Javier Saavedra‘s third “sin ollies” video installment, where he explores many tricks, but not a single ollie.

Filmed by Nahikari Pérez and Santiago Canle.

Additional filming by Oscar Rois, Pablo Ribera, “Murcia”, Oscar “Patata”, Adri Rivadulla, Anxo Villaverde, Aaron “Moro”, “Erre”, Jokin Abalia and Julen “Merka”.

Photos by Nahikari Pérez

Fullpipes in Asturias, Spain

Feeble melon to fakie. Getxo, Basque country

Layback early grab backside 180 in Santiago de Compostela. Galicia, Spain

Frontside wallride in Coruña. Galicia, Spain

Boneless transfer in the full pipes in Asturias, Spain

Ride on nosepick in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

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