Confusion Magazine – Issue #9 – out now

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Featuring interviews with:

Jake Snelling (England)
Tony Farmer
Bjørn Lillesøe
Chris Cope
Jacob Ovgren

Skate features include:

Cruise & Booze (Netherlands)
Vert Attack 8 (Sweden)
Hot Shit: Chris Gregson
Hot Shit: Daan Van Der Linden

DIY Skate spot check outs:

DIY Woods (USA)
Billy’s Bowl (Belgium)
Australia DIY
Darwin DIY (France)

and way more….


or buy a single issue of issue #9 here.

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Confusion Magazine
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Kontonummer: 1930637911

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Send euros to: Confusion Magazine, Siegfriedstr. 15, Cologne, 50678, GERMANY
Send dollars to: Confusion Magazine, PO Box 1024, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, USA

If you still can’t figure out how to pay for a subscription you should probably forget about it and just go look at some photos on facebook, but you can still email us if you want.


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