Low Holly DIY – Nantes, France

“Inspired by Pontus Alv’s concrete sculptures, the first part of this private mini-skatepark began in August 2010, based on night and rainy construction sessions on an rough unused slab of an old farm. It includes several walls, a tall bump, a grindable bank, 2 quarterpipes and a fun pool coping spine in the middle. A corner was just added in August 2012. Low Holly is a nice spot in the middle of nowhere in the northwest part of France, in the city of Nantes, which has already received a lot of visitors and some heavy sessions. ” – Timothée Touzé

Photos: Arthur Bourdaud, Nicolas Boutin and Timothée Touzé.

Low Holly DIY under construction (part I).  Photo: Arthur Bourdaud

Low Holly DIY under construction (part II).  Photo: Arthur Bourdaud

Low Holly overview.  Photo: Arthur Bourdaud

Edouard Fontaine. FS rock

Edouard Fontaine. BS Disaster.  Photo: Arthur Bourdaud

Maxime Nicolas. BS tailtap.

Yannis. The “owner”. 5-0 grind through the corner.  Photo: Arthur Bourdaud

Edouard Fontaine. FS Pivot.

Edouard Fontaine. FS Nosepick.

If you are around and want to shred it, send an email to Arthur Bourdaud : arthurbourdaud@gmail.com

Low Holly. ?Pink Cross DIY?  Photo: Arthur Bourdaud

Also, check out Bellevue DIY also in Nantes, France.

The photographer Arthur Bourdaud who took some of these photos also has a release of his new DVD.

BREATHLESS, a french independent skateboard video, mostly filmed in
the streets of Nantes, Tours, Paris and Bordeaux.
It also include 3 DIY parts with 3 differents spots (The Low Holly,
Bellevue Bridge and Cléré les pins).

You can get a copy here : http://breathlessskatevideo.bigcartel.com
Or here : http://www.breathless-skatevideo.com/

DVD : 48min + 20min of Bonus
Price : 5$ + shipping

You can pay online by the online shop here or directly by Paypal at: arthurbourdaud@gmail.com


BREATHLESS / TEASER #1 : Jo Dezecot’s throwaway part