SOMO Skatepark – Cantabria, Spain

In the small town of Somo, near the city of Santander on Spain’s northern coast, Zut Skateparks recently finished a new skatepark with includes a small bowl, an over-vert ‘wave’, a street course with various hips, lips and transitions, a volcano, and a burnside-style narrow vert-pillar. On June 18th they had the inauguration of the park and rippers from Basque and Asturias along with plenty of Cantabrian locals, showed up to shred the new concrete. Photos: Alex Mosterin | Zut Skateparks

Carranza Farola

Carranza Farola. Rock to fakie on the vert burnside style pillar.

La Ola - The Wave

Confusion supporter Foni blasting a fat Judo air in the bowl.

Enrique Giles with a sky high frontside air in the bowl.

Transfer into the street course

John Tomas

Rosko tailsliding up the wave.

Emil. 50-50 drop in off the ledge into the transition.

Foni from Asturias with a stylish frontside smith grind.

Mini Bilbainos making the transfer.

Kako. Frontside Tailslide.

Beni Hana.


Saa - FS Crail on the over vert of the wave.

Somo skate park - overview