Barrier Barge Ballina Skatepark – New South Wales, Australia

The concrete had just finished hardening and it was time to give the “improved” barrier a proper shredding so Tony Chavez organized the first “Barrier Barge” event at the Ballina Skatepark in New South Wales, Oz. A last-minute decision put this event on a sunny Thursday afternoon and Tony brought out plenty of beer and snags, with TruckStop Sk8 shop, Confusion Magazine, and the Free Beule campaign throwing in some merchandise for prizes. The shredding began around 3pm, but the event didn’t get a proper start until after a short downpour quickly dried up. The event was held in true jam style, with everyone just barging on the barrier. There was a trick list thrown together which would win instant prizes, plus “top three” podium style places determined by our esteemed panel of judges, Jerry Burke and Wiley Walford.

All in all the vibes were good and the shredding lasted until darkness overtook us, at which time we moved to the grill and announced the winners over the last beers and snags. The DIY jam event held on a DIY repaired skatepark obstacle turned out to be a lot of fun.

Photos, video & words:

Luke Crover - Frontside Grind-backside 180° out

Dylan McNamara Frontside 180° wallie out

Tony 360° Wallie

The rain came out and spoiled the fun for a while...

Luke Crover FS Bluntslide

Barrier Bargers and spectators

Sponsors of the Barrier Barge 2011 at Ballina Skatepark

Here’s what went down:

    InstaPrize Tricks:
    Hurricane: Jakob Robinson
    MillerFlip: Jakob Robinson
    Transfer to back of Barrier:
    Jakob Robinson
    Feeble Grind: Owen Lucy / Eric Chavez
    3rd is a turd 3 way tie: Tony Chavez, Jakob Robinson, and Jai Sims for all around shredding
    2nd Place and Best Trick for Backside Lipslide Revert: Luke Crover
    Barger who went Larger: Eric Chavez