Danger!…Sean Gutierrez in Germany

A few days after I returned from Malmö, Sean & Danger flew in to the Köln airport after a short Consolidated European Tour from Belgium to the Netherlands, ending up in England. Right out of the plane, we headed straight to Lohse ramp, the über wide mini-ramp in Köln and a session went down. They stayed at my house for a week and we hit up a bunch of bars, a few concrete skate spots, some red brick banks, lurked at the Wasted Box skate shop, BBQ’d in the park and the rest is kind of a blur…. here’s some photo & video evidence of their visit to Germany. Check issue #2 of Confusion Magazine (when it’s released in October) for a double feature interview and more photos of Sean & Danger.

Sean Gutierrez. Tail block at Hagen. Photo: J. Hay

Sean Gutierrez. Lien to Tail. Hagen. Photo: J. Hay

Sean Gutierrez. Lien to Tail. Hagen. Photo: J. Hay

Sean Gutierrez. Backside Air. Hagen. Photo: J. Hay

Close encounters of the Dangerous Kind. Grinding over the stairs at Hagen is no joke. Photo: Hay

Danger. Crailslide on the Taco. Siegburg. Photo: J. Hay

Danger. 5-0 around the Taco. Siegburg. Photo: J. Hay

Sean Gutierrez. Front rock at the red brick banks. Köln. Photo: J. Hay

Consolidated + Impakt Skateboards hanging tough: Sean, Danger, Sungwoo, Alf & Pilik

The only sequence we shot all week was this one. Bar Sequence with Sean and Danger and Jo Gabler as the barman.

Its been a hard days night. Coffee and Cigarrettes on my balcony...

Sean, Danger and Alf...lurking at the Wasted Box, drinking some Kölsch.

Park Skating - BBQ Session.

Prost aus Köln