SAN DIEGO (a missed box in a whale’s vagina)

Some underground rippers, a couple old men with pads, some surfers, a chick, has-beens & never-beens, and only a few pros.

With permission from TERROR SKATEBOARDS out of San Diego, California, some pools from the last century.
Featuring Capt. Morgan, Pineapple, Zarosh, Delgado, The Kike, Roche, Rocket, Cobra, Brendan, Texas Dan. Also with AA, Slob, Life Guard, Blake, Buddy, Anthony, Hitz, Jeroz, Lance, Rune, Louie, Salba, Adam 12, Hackett, P Gunn, Eric, Abas, Zubin, and some other dudes.

Video screen grab of Captain Adam Morgan grinding the hip on one of 100s of backyard pools in the San Diego area.