Confusion Videos


Filmed / edited by @ariskateboard

Just in Time

Spots skated by Dallas Rockvam, Lorenz Schneider, David Bachl, Stjepan Lovrich and Niki Katranas. Edited by David Thaller. Artwork by Lorenz Schneider

Hyppyri – The Air Maker

Penna and Kymis build up a jump ramp and were testing it. The first jump got a way further than expected! Video by Kymäläinen & Salisma Art Production. @countryboys_original

Wald 2021 Summer Tour

Featuring Fulvio Vignolo, Federico Fontanella, Liam Galli, Carlo Schievano, Alessandro Bruno and Roberto “Spesso” Sacchetti.

Bollerdamm – bridge over troubled quarters

Filmed and edited by Christoph Stiller.


Starring: Hinano Kusaki, Shinichi “buc” Sakurai and Guy Kameyama. Filmed/Edited: Junya Nagashima

Yeah Roy! Skating, Squatting, and Music in Melbourne

In 2012, a group of skaters and BMX riders from Fitzroy, Melbourne built skateparks inside abandoned buildings. This documentary follows their squatting days, featuring some of Melbourne’s best skaters, local bands and underground parties. Skating from: Aladdin, Alexi Dowley, Will Hine, Happy, James Wright, Josh Rouillon, Brett Royden and many more. Music by: Ghetto Ghetto and The Teenage Mothers. Film made by Tom Mac (@olddogmcgoverny)

Bellyful skAtes at Henderson ramp

Filmed / edited by Rory Gibbs


Bryan Arbol – “Hangar 19” Aysha Skateboards Video Part

Filmed and edited by Gonzalo Gomez Gaete (@gonzhop)

the boys in colorado

Filmed and edited by Carly Cunningham. Skaters: Ryan Cardone, Chuck Pontone, Gavin Rosenberg, Jaeson Manzanares, Jeff Rasp, Jesse Scelso, Adam Mercado, Mike Jones, Zach Cusano, Jordan Beverly and Timmy Stevens.

Slab City

Documenting the Rerun Sale and skate event at the brand new Slab City, Canvas Park, at Dean Lane Skatepark. Featuring: Bear Myles, Pete Gronau, Keen Will, Sox, Tom Kinmon, Pat Cog, Wes Morgan, Gill Amos and many more. Filmed & edited by Lucien Parsons.

RKLG – Lyhäri (2021)

RAMP DOGZ SUMMER TOUR 2021 Pt2.- Eastern Finland. Rippers:Seppo, Rasmus, Viki, Alppe, Teemu, Kisvonen, Heini, Jerkku, Santtukukko, Lasvo, Käre, Sanders, Jose, Tonni, Ahto, Stedi & Luu. Edit: Aleksi Martikainen.

Ingo Fröbrich’s “50 is just a number” – vert part

Celebrating German vert skater Ingo Fröbrich turning 50 years old!
Filmed and edited by Dennis Harwardt.

The Chamrousse DIY project

This summer, an army of skate masons from all over Europe gathered in Chamrousse in the French Alps to voluntarily complete the third phase of construction of its DIY skatepark. They took the opportunity to test and approve their work as shown in this video – DIY holidays for a good cause in partnership with Wonders Around the World, Totem Chamrousse and M16 LPTB. Video / Edit: Adrien Motte

JOSH HEATH – “Must’ve been high”

“Compilation of clips of Josh Heath ranging from around 10 years back (2011-2021), all the way up to a couple weeks ago, a decade of Seek & Destroy, released today on his 45th birthday.”

POGO3012 skate tour – Czech Republic – summer 2021

Directed by: Jan Mioduchowski Skaters: Przemysław Hippler, Daniel “Bajkowy” Leśniak, Mateusz “Cashkyet” Kałużny, Blacha, Franciszek Dyrda, Diana Figiel and Piotr Dabov. Guest appearances by Ondrej Havran and Frantisek Havranek.

Christopher Khan’s part from ZMER ISTO x Obsesen

DZTV Episode 4

Bryggeriet skatepark in Malmö rebuilds it’s skatepark every summer so that the locals have a new park to skate every winter!
Video by Dorkzone

Halloween attack at Slappy Wonderland DIY under the bridge in Dortmund, Germany.

Filmed / edited by Paul Rüdinger

Ritual IV Trailer

Featuring Bobby Hebner, Cameron Targosz, Darren Miller, Jonny Palmer, Justin Richards, Kris Cormier, & Tyler Lucero. Filmed & Edited by Ryan Heier @ritualskateboarding

I Know These Guys

Featuring Jonas “Ginger” Bügner, Luke Rasch, Jonas Skrøder, Wes Kremer, Jacopo Selvo, and Nachi. Filmed / edited by Antonio Piepo @jehovas_wetness


Alex Titanio x SHQMM. Filmed and Edited by Javier Saavedra.

COASTAL. A video by Lucien Parsons (@lucienparsons).

Rerun Streetwear take on the South-Coast of England on a weekend trip away with the Bristol chiefs!
Featuring: Bear Myles, (Clever) Ryan Price, Will Mix, Jordan Lightowler, Keen Will, Baz Dan and Francis Herbert.

“FAITH” a film by Lucien Parsons.

Starring Jay Lentern, Jordan Lightowler, Bear Myles, Henry Gibbs, Keen Will, Jordan Thackery, and Tom Kinmon.

Happy Places

A film by Tyler Hopkins. Featruing DJ Martin, Nick McMahon, Markey, Dan Weiss, Charie Weiss, Trevor Bradbury, Elijah Akerley, Marcel Martinez, Jaiden Boucher, Archer Braun, Gary Bolos, Lil Ry, Gary Owens, John Worthington, Barlos, Wes Kremer, Brandon Perelson, Steve Roche, Biscuits, Miltion Martinez, Chester, Goose, Bryson Lamb, Darrel Delgado, Jake Szabo, Jesse McEneaney, Tom Remillard, Raymond, Henry Gartland and more.

Gregor Senfter – “Trés”

Filmed by Jonas “Die Party” Kirchmair, Don Simon, David Bachl, Kevin Holub, Josef Duperret, Mac Minikan, Lux Gram, Marcel Mair, Robert Lindenbauer, Samuel Strack. Edited by Mac Minikan

Rough blacktop at the DIY fix.

@clayton_graul‘s step by step instructions on smoothing out the old asphalt.


Filmed by Kenny McLachlan @shrednroll. Edited by JB @jeffbiedenbach


@adrianoalves_114 hitting up some DIY spots in Switzerland: Bernside, Mooswerk, Weyerli and Portland Basel. Filmed / edited by Trash Days @trash13days_

Damon Iannetta “The Barn” Edit

Filmed by Jansen L. Horrocks

Noah Johnson – “Wishes” Video Part

Music: Wishes – Equipto feat. Andre Nickatina. Filmed/Edited: Ross Dordan @empty_safe

Big Transition Mission #2

The Coastal Crusade follows Frank Ghallager, Will Brandt, Jacob and Eric Hutchinson down the coast on an escape route from Portlandia. Will (@wills_storagebin) frontside grinds all pool coping in sight and leads the charge while Eric (@nbdgod) dances with the edge. Frank (@frontsidefrank), a true locomotive, pounds countless Yerbs to become an unstoppable force for 5 days straight. Edited by: Eric Hutchinson

Niv Halpern – “Arboreal Locomotion”

Filmed by Shir Yarmitzki. Edited by Niv Halpern. Titles by Shir Yarmitzki and Idan Halpern

Salinas Skatepark | Asturias, Spain | July 2021

Skaters: Javier Saavedra, Stewart Smtih, Foni Ardao, Moro, Joaco Orga, Alex Egea and Kini González. Animation: @dirty_joaco
Filmed by: @haywirephoto Edited by: @reelfunmedia

Obsesn ZMER ISTO: Kuzma and Aidin

DIY rats Aidin Zahirović and Gregor Kuzmič sharing a part for Obsešn “Zmer Isto” skate video out of Slovenia.

Bart Saric – 51 tricks for 51 years of age

NIC RIVERA – “No Future”

In collaboration with Pocket Pistols, Nic Rivera rips through backyard pools, DIY skate spots, and streets across Southern California in his new video part, premiering exclusively on Confusion Magazine.
Filmed and edited by Cyrus Read. Additional filming by Justin Deandrade

DZTV Episode 2

Oski, Filip Almqvist, Ville Wester – showcasing the latest in skate culture from Malmö.
Filmed and edited by Phil Evans

Hard Bargin

Backyard pools, ditches, DIY spots, road trips, and more. Filmed and edited by Devon Cooper. Featuring: Matthew Wilcox, Nick Walker, Garret Killbarger, Duje Dragoyevich, Hayden Cochren, Sean Pludeke, Aaron Ingram, Ivan Wilcox, Barefoot Mike, Race Nagal, Raymond Hertz, AJ Rosete, James Oro, Michael Kawanaka, Johnny Stone, Tristen Adamson, Stanton Mulder, Chris Tarrosa, Jobert Tarrosa, MJ Catagan, Myles Harrison, David Anderson, Phillip Cross, Francis Kamara, Brad Kovac, Brad Poore, Luis Valdez, Mary N., David Alyn, Kevin Kowalski, Gavin Bottger, Tony Trujillo, Trixie Trujillo, Waylon Trujillo, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Don Nguyen, Sean “Frecks” Stewart, Lucas Miller, Chris Russell, Jesse Lindloff, Cedric Pabich, Omar Hassan, Toby Ryan, Keegan Palmer, Grindline the Band, Drunk Dom & The Roaches, Dalton Dern, Marcel Martinez, Evan Smith, Anakin Senn, Wiley Archbold, Sabino Lopez, Aaron Yant and Thane Morin. @solitudezine


Country Boys from Hauho, Finland, have finally finished their everlasting movie project – Fuck The World. The trip has been long and required lots of blood and sweat. The movie was filmed during 2016-2020 all over the Europe and a bit outside of it as well. All the team riders who have their own parts in the film have done the part’s own music, if this is not DIY then what is!? Movie contains parts from Pena, Miska, Jave (+Heikki & Marko), Kymis and Eero. Long live Hauho, Long live Heikki’s combine harvester!!!


Weekend mission to Southeast Finland with a good crew of Windmill- and Windagram boys. Daylight all night, beers, camping, D.I.Ys and skateboarding. Video:
Antti Salonen. Music: Bo-Erik Jansson, “Pengar”. Steel Reptile, “In Love With Satan”.

Skatanic Disciples – Volume 2 – “At War with Skatan”


Video by Good Old Days Skateboarding


Weekend visit to Suvilahti with Luca Karhu, Rasmus Mäkelä and Pentti Linnamaa.
Video: Antti Salonen. Music: Saatana1234 – “Soita mun mutsille”

Concrete Lifestyle // Betonin ehdoilla

A story about concrete skatepark building in Finland. The main themes are work, perseverance or Finnish “sisu” and togetherness. Concrete is the boss – it determines the working hours and the pace.” Director, screenwriter: Helena Sorvali. Cinematographers: Saara Karppinen, Heikki Nummi, Helena Sorvali


Filmed / edited by @bobaj
Music by @julienpapen

Laird Brunson (Lights The Video)

Filmed and edited by Chris dunne


Filmed by Jeff Biedenbach and Frank Shaw

Torstaiprojekti -@WINDMILLSKATECO


Geil und Gefährlich – Utopia DIY – Dortmund, Germany

2020 marks the year of the big C when being around friends became difficult, travel occasions were rare and skateparks (temporarily) closed. One place that was so much more than just a “park” even shut down permanently (RIP UTOPIA DIY). A magical place located on a hill behind Dortmund’s infamous U. A home to skateboarding built by locals. A dream it – do it – create it yourself kinda place that was shaped by a community and shaped a whole new community in itself. Ultimately torn down for the ugly sake of big business. Filmed & edited by Jana. Additional filming by: Lara, Sarah, Katja. Artwork by Lisa.


A couple of cockroaches (@bellyful_skates) from Perth Western Australia present the worst skate video ever created.

NATURE CALLS // Rollbriättfilm MMXX.

Dedicated to Ferit. 26.10.1985 – 18.5.2020.
Filmed by Dietz, Zeyen, Beckers, Westermann / Edited by Fabian Dietz Somateria mollissima.

Enjoi – Sweet 16mm — by Thomas Campbell

Sweet 16 is a collection of unseen and used clips from the Thomas Campbell film “Ye olde destruction”. These were the last filming missions that the Enjoi team all got to skate with Ben (Raemers) before he passed away. The piece is dedicated to Ben.

Marlon Silva – From Asphalt to Basalt | Lipstick Skateboards

“Marlon is one of those true ones that you can only find in real life. On the asphalt. On the basalt. He is admired not just for his skateboarding but also for the person he’s become. Who doesn’t love Gnarrlon? The youngsters call him inspiration. Because he passes on what he learns, doesn’t hold anything back. He keeps the fire burning and shares the barbecue. Editing this video was like closing a cycle. The kid we saw growing up now helping other kids grow. Proud of you, my brother. Welcome aboard.” – Pedro Damasio.

LPSTK Inc is a non-profit organization that provides access to skateboarding for kids living in underserved communities. We build camaraderie and expose kids to all the creative opportunities skateboarding can bring.

Garrett Kilbarger (@ppuddl3s) for Confusion Magazine

Filmed by Carly Cunningham (@carlycunningram).

Greg Pachell – “Brandon filmed this”

Greg Pachell @OldGingerBastard Filmed and edited by Brandon Monahan @BranMonahanPhoto


The year 2020 brought us its batch of mutation generated by variant 38, this document shows us the symptoms developed as a result of this Grenoble strain. To avoid any contamination respect the barrier jersey.  Filmed / edited by: CHO7. Featuring: Audran, Joël, Elliott, Thomas, JOJO, CHO7, Lauraline, Teva, Rasta 51, Gros, Balisto, Lloyd, Teddy, Crani, Arno, Simon et Walid.

Eric Hutchinson – Manak Skateboards

Eric Hutchinson (@nbdgod) for Manak Skateboards (@manakskates). Filmed by Carly Cunningham (@carlycunningram)

25 Years of the Vertical Vampire! The Darren Navarrette Story

Sin Ollie 5 – Javier Saavedra

Filmed by Nahikari Pérez. Additional filming: Pablo Ribera, Oscar Rois, Jose Panes “Pitu”, Dani Ipiña, Alejandro Arroyo, Angel VP, Santiago Canle, Adri Rivadulla, Christian Ruanova, David Quintela, Pedro Morales, Alex “titanio”, Jose Luís Ouzande, Adri Martínez, and Ander Morea. Music: True Mountains, “Superstition”.


Video and words by Andrew Metzger
Animations by Anton Thallner and Brigid McCartan
Music by Return to Forever


Filmed all around the world, the Team rips and grind hard. Edited By Bastien Regeste
Featuring Ben Koppl, Adrien Coillard, TrumanBurbank, Victor Cascarigny, Arno Wagner, Leo Valls, Enzo Morel, Ignacio Morata, Artur Fontis, Etienne Turnbull, Patrick Costa, Nikolo Bromo, Francois Tizon, Simon Weisser, Guillaume Challet, Bastien Regeste, Theo Moga, Bastien Marlin, Nassir Roumou,Thomas Courteille, Tom Botwid, Efrem, Luca Crestani, Joe Hinson, Dirk Broerson, Lucien Genand, Joe Hill, Mickael Mackrodt, Ben Gonsolin, YeahLeYeah, Fred Ploque Santos & Jeremie Daclin

MALARCHER – Skeleton Key x Local Skateshop

Featuring Archer Braun and frinds

Plethora – Sean Kirkpatrick – video part

Filmed/edited by Stephen Krajnik

Plethora – East Coast Skate video

Filmed/edited by Stephen Krajnik from 2016-2019
Featuring Matt Gollette, Andrew Boccella, Brett Levin, Joey Flora, Sean Kirkpatrick, Alex Dalasio, Darion Harrold, Mikey Sweeny, Christian Islas, Brendan McKee, Ronald Turner, Jon Pine, Ryan Chaney, and Enrique Santiago.

IRON 666

Featuring: Frederik Høpfner, Mikkel Tørper, Casper Haugegaard, Lasse Olsen, Thomas Mensink, Mikkel Haugegaard, Emil Haarhøj & Lukas Olsen. Filmed in 2020 by Casper Haugegaard

Dumb Skateboards – Ho Fame

Featuring Mauro Caruso, Alessio Zanfei, Tito Colica, Chicco di Paolo, Daniel Cardone, Raffaele Pola, Matteo Carmagnini, Stefan Zanette, Tom Derichs, Simone Verona, Gio Grazzani, and Mattia Turco.

Robian Fifield – Nothing else to do.

“Robian and I filmed for 3 months for this part because he had nothing else to do. I moved to the Caribbean so our time window was set. After three months of filming I started editing in Curacao while Bastiaan worked on the animations in South Korea.” – Hobbe Hollands

Evan Breder “Suburban Selection”

Filmed and edited by Bill Simpson. Additional filming by Collin Welch.
“Suburban Selection” DVDs and T-Shirts available at:

Coping Episode 2

Video by @deepstatedave featuring full parts from @double_Mallgrab and @youngclickclack” and co-featuring Aaron Wical, Mitchell Mendez, Zach Lewis,Brandon McCormick, Dave Duesterberg, Demarcus James, Steve Strand, Matt Mehl, Clay Howell, Lara Botto, Toad, Jack Given, Zac Barclay, Nick Berkeley, Chris Corpuz, Josh Balogh, Andrew Quiroz, Nate Recine, and Jason Galindo.


A Calgary skateboard video edited by Liam Glass, filmed by Liam Glass & Rob Thorpe, featuring parts from Lane Mosolf, Jeff Thompsen, Derrick Timoshenko, Ryan Spate, Steve Rohl and Chad Baker.


“This film is dedicated to Pablo Ramirez–We love you. Full parts from Hayden Estrada, Matt Bergmann, Seegull aka Stephen Brayman, Zane Timpson, Elijah Akerley & Kayl Johnson. Adam Anorga & Zane Timpson made this video. Additional filming by Israel Garcia II. Get outside, push faster than necessary, catch a frontside & remember why you love this shit.” WesternWorld


Filmed / edited by Andrew Metzger

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