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Coping Episode 2

Video by @deepstatedave featuring full parts from @double_Mallgrab and @youngclickclack” and co-featuring Aaron Wical, Mitchell Mendez, Zach Lewis,Brandon McCormick, Dave Duesterberg, Demarcus James, Steve Strand, Matt Mehl, Clay Howell, Lara Botto, Toad, Jack Given, Zac Barclay, Nick Berkeley, Chris Corpuz, Josh Balogh, Andrew Quiroz, Nate Recine, and Jason Galindo.


A Calgary skateboard video edited by Liam Glass, filmed by Liam Glass & Rob Thorpe, featuring parts from Lane Mosolf, Jeff Thompsen, Derrick Timoshenko, Ryan Spate, Steve Rohl and Chad Baker.


“This film is dedicated to Pablo Ramirez–We love you. Full parts from Hayden Estrada, Matt Bergmann, Seegull aka Stephen Brayman, Zane Timpson, Elijah Akerley & Kayl Johnson. Adam Anorga & Zane Timpson made this video. Additional filming by Israel Garcia II. Get outside, push faster than necessary, catch a frontside & remember why you love this shit.” WesternWorld


Filmed / edited by Andrew Metzger

:::: YASUNI :::::

A VX video from the Bidasoa region of Basque Country. Featuring: Ibon Achutegui, Alvaro Elizalde, Aitor Lorenzo, David Bereau, Alvar Gutierrez, Asier Fagoaga, Jaime Larrañaga, Aritz Irazoki, Ibai Movilla, Aitor Ilzarbe, Imanol Lalanne, Tito Llanos, Aritz Itazoki, Pablo Ribera, Javier Saavedra, Javier Larrañaga and Mikel Munduate. Recorded between August and October 2020

SCHOL – a Belgian skate video

Filmed between 2018 and 2020. Edited by Koen Van den Broeck. Enjoy…and Schol (aka Cheers!)

The Wave – Concrete Jungle Foundation

The short documentary was filmed by CJF volunteer Julian Sonntag during the construction of Kingston’s first skatepark in March-April 2020. The film focuses on the Jamaica skate scene, their quest for a skatepark and the Freedom Skatepark Project that arose as a result.

Denver Danglers – Issue 7

Edited by Chuck Pontone


The 10th annual skate tour of the Rozkurwiel Crew from Poland, hitting up DIY skate spots, street spots and skateparks in Berlin, Hannover, Haderslev, Kopenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm and Bromölla. a Szrot zine production.

Nessuno – Peter Stromberger

We make Video

Leipzig based homie video. Filmed by the homies, edited by the homies, watched by the homies.

Jansen Horrocks – “Current Motion”- LEAP BOARDS

An East Coast skateboarding film for Leap Boards.
Filmed by Luke Williams.

KO Recap

Knockout Blocks recap video of some skateboard action and random footage from 2018/2019 filmed with VX2000.

The Tony Alva Story

Written & Directed by Rick Charnoski & Coan “Buddy” Nichols/Six Stair Productions
“THINK AGAIN” – presented by HARD TIMERS


Coping Episode 1

Life is tough. How do you cope? A skateboarding video series by David Duesterberg.
Logo by: Steve Strand. Music by: Mondrian and Link Wray
Featuring: Mondrian Mendez, Kevin Reynolds, Jason Galindo, Aaron Wical, Dominick Dahbour, Eric Hutchinson, Clay Howell, Emma Gunnison, Sean Henderson, Nate Recine, Steve Strand, Chris Henderson, Josh Balogh, Chanel Johnson, Andrew Quiroz, Demarcus James, and Jesse “Wheatberry” Driggs.

Corner Truck Coping Grind to Grind

Grind to Grind built and skated by German Periñan, Dani, Fonco, Mosqui and Tito at Kamping DIY in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain. Filmed by Jesús Gómez • Edited by Abraham Videoproyectos. • Music by MZ.412 – Mourning Star.


Covobeach DIY is Romain Covolan’s latest project, Romain Covolan along with Gaëtan Ducellier, Hugo Westrelin and Elian Pergher and Madie, took a break from building to stretch those legs! – coLLAPSe skateboards Filmed by Greg Poissonnier + Sket. Edited by Alberto Scattolin. Music: Those Guys

Adam Mercado – FRESH EGGS – Sined Skateboards

Sined Skateboards‘ rider Adam Mercado brings his Rocky Mountain style to California backyard pools and a desert vert ramp in this action packed part – Fully filmed all in backyards – Adam annihilates everything in his path. Filmed / edited by Zach Cusano. Music by Powerslide

Bacon Skateboards: Ham Payers

Bacon began filming at the beginning of the pandemic to share a short video of a few minutes long and it spiraled out of control into a full length video.
Edited by Dustin Brown and Colin Sharp

John Worthington’s “Indy” Part

Empty pools, Full pipes and DIY spots – see it all in John Worthington’s Independent Trucks video part
Filmed by Josh “Peacock” Henderson
Edited by Jacob “Paco” Nuñez

OMSA BOWL 2.0 – Germany -(R.I.P)

Featuring @kupa_row @kutickworks David Tuschell @marcelweber_1 @teamnavashark @lentes.jan @marc0liver @dietsches_omsa @ramp_local @abriss_lurkoholik @dirty_joaco @artur_coriolano @donlippinski @thom_eaton Körwi @tobias_hees @renegadesk8 Dirk @jimjuicemaniac Bowl built by Hans, Dietsches and friends and Minus Pools.
Filmed / Edited by @tobias_hees / @hoellenritt


Filmed and edited by Andrew Metzger / Viewfinder Journal

Small Beating Ice Colds

“Nothing beats a skate road trip with all your friends. We’ve been doing this for ten years now and it never gets old, and after days on the road skating out in the burning sunlight, there’s nothing quite like the extravagance of a frosty, refreshing ice cold, cooled in a mountain current rippling through a glacial valley, beneath the easy shade of the coastal woodland. Forget about Monster, forget Gatorade, skateboarding already has an official drink: Ice Colds“.
Video by Dave Duesterberg

Kampyn DIY – Chiclana de la Frontera – Cadiz, Spain

Filmed & Edited by Jesus Gomez @jesusgomezwarm • Music by Sub Society
Skaters: Dani Nucleo @dani_nucleo / Miguel Sanchez @m1guelsanchez / Jaime Fontecilla @jaime_cairo_fontecilla / Pablo Berenguer @lenwita / Lorenzo Correa @lorenscorrea1 / Alberto Velazquez @tarugoskate

Manuel Gomez – “Chantier” Part

“This year, Manuel is leaving Lille (our city) to go down south, to make his farewells we thought it would be great to edit what he has filmed since he got in town.” Filmed by Pierre Rousset and Thomas Larive. Edited by Manuel Gomez and Thomas Larive.

Brown Tea – RWTB

Brown Tea, a video filmed over the summer of 2019
Featuring: Joe Howard, Nathan Wood, James Foster (Foz), Jay Mill, Brendan Watson, Sam Hutchinson (Blinky), Harry Townend, Joe Townend, Tom Wade, Martyn Hill, Albie Edmonds, George Smith, Watko, John Sykes, Aiden Blaymire, Joe Allen, Josh Blasutto, Corie Gray, Doug McLaughlan, Avid. RWTB. Film & Edit: Will Smith

Aloha Skateboards “15 Years of Biers”

Filmed / Edited by Matthias WelkerAloha Skateboards

“Ye Olde Destruction” Full Movie – By Thomas Campbell

immortali – meaningless productions

Featuring Alessandro Cesario, Aref Koushesh, Simone Verona, Mattia Turco and more. Filmed around Italy (Florence and Tuscany in general; Milan; Triest; Rome; Naples); Slovenia; Barcelona; LA; Malmö and Copenhagen.

Cruzade skateboards – A weekend with the army

Before the lockdown, the Cruzade army went to Bilbao for a skateboarding weekend. Featuring Ian Campbell, Captain Jairock, Paola Flores, Keltsa Sanchez, Aitor Perez, Iraia Esobar and Natxo Aguado. Filmed / edited by Pablo Ribera

Jeroen Bruggeman’s part in JackyJackyJackyJackyJackyJacky

CYC – Community Service (One For The Homies)

A collective of full parts, montages & contests filmed in 2019. Featuring: Aiden Caruth, Andy Raasch, Dylan Dowd, Brendan Garcia, Nick Peterson, Chad Fenlon, Kevin Kowalski, Mark “Red” Scott, Quintin LaVille, Ashley Marion, Will Brandt, Austin Funk & Much More. With a special appearance by Jim Gray & Daewon Song. Video by Drew Bieschke

Abatoire 16 story of a DIY skatepark – Grenoble, France

This movie shows the construction, the ride and the destruction of one of the biggest DIY skatepark build in Grenoble, France. It take us back to year 2006, and was a big element of how the Grenoble skate scene is now. Filmed / edited by Cho Sept

Ravioli: Gavo and Cardone in California

Gavin Rosenberg and Ryan Cardone went to California. Filmed / edited by Carly Cunningham


Skaters: Sol Rosales, Clever Balladares, Toni Ron, Andrés Chong qui, “Brother” Javier Menendez, Sergio Iborra, Davide Crepaz, Greko Mejía, “Destroyer” Oscar Osuna, Santiago Flores, Jean Bacilio, Javier Robelli, Pedro Vivas, Andrés Brito, Chaka, Lola Altozano y más tribu…!!! Produced by: Damián Vásquez

Wellington DIY Dogs: Nobody’s Home

Concussion magazine – “Damaged”

Concussion magazine’s 2nd full length video “DAMAGED”. Originally released 2003, now online.
Edited by Dave Amell, Davoud Kermaninejad and Jonathan Hay.

Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding – DIY Skateparks

R.I.P. Grosso

Greifswalder DIY – Berlin, Germany

Filmed / edited by Martin Meli

STOKED at the Broken Neck

A renegade DO IT YOURSELF Warehouse in East Austin, Texas, that thrives through a community of local skaters and musicians.


A trip trough Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with Uryan Raudet, Samu Karvonen, Roland Hirsch, Julien Bachelier and Rudolfs Rorbahs.
Filmed by: Teemu Metsäkylä
Edited: Garis Choises

Super Charged, the life and times of Tim Brauch

An insight into San Jose’s pride and joy of skateboarding. Tim was a leader and ambassador of skateboarding. He toured the world to spread the love of the game. Tim defined integrity in skateboarding.
Documentary by Pete Koff


Deer Man of Dark Woods full part in Baghead Crew’s new full length video “FUNERAL”. Filmed throughout the U.K whilst Deer Man of Dark Woods visited some unholy English soil with a few clips filmed throughout Vancouver BC. Also featuring Shred Roe and Stan Byrne.
Filmed and Edited by Forde Brookfield.
Song: “Humiliating Nazarenic Corpse” by Human Agony.


Filmed by Andrés Carreño. Edited by Andrés Carreño and Ignacio Jimenez

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