Newberg skate comp 2019 – Oregon

4th annual Newberg Skate Comp

Photos by Erik Graham


2019 Newberg Comp

Ross Dordan recap of Newberg Oregon Competition 2019
music: the Athiarchists

Newberg skaters


Nick Peterson. Frontside Feeble. 1st place!


Chad Fenlon. Frontside Boneless


New Generation


Dustin Brown aka Woofie – backside smithgrind


Nick Peterson. Backside Boneless


Micah Nichols. Layback


Brandon Bohle. Invert


Frontside Boneless Disaster.  @rubie_winterburn taking 1st in beginner this year!


Brad McClain. Frontside Nosebone


Brandon Bohle. Backside Saran Wrap


Nick Peterson. Backside Air


The hype is real

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