La Casita DIY x SkateFilms anniversary – Malaga, Spain

The week of September 24th-30th was the tenth anniversary of at La Casita DIY, nothing better than a place built for and for skaters, a full week of camping, construction, free built Jam, barbecue and free beers that culminated on Saturday with a big party where he skated trying out the new quarter while live concerts were playing with the performance of Mierda Indigna, Spinelli, Fails and Convulsions. Everything has been possible thanks to and the collaborating sponsors Vans, Volcom, and Cuernos de Pez.

Text by Mac
Photos by Edu Lester

David. Bluntside over the hole.

Migue Prieto. Front rock

Negro. Bluntside over the Hole.

Noseblunt jank in

Mac. Frontside grind

David. Front boardslide

Concert in the pool

Negro. Bluntside over the hole

Concert in the pool

La Casita locals

Inxao. Front blunt over the hole

David. Frontside air

Jesus blunts

2 thoughts on “La Casita DIY x SkateFilms anniversary – Malaga, Spain

  1. In this big party some of game can be conducted for the interested person. He is skated and trying to getting impression from others. Performance is good and thanks for the media for showing video in their own channel. Really nice and well to see the all person skating that place. I am very exciting to watch this video. Very much talent and good approach also. Same types of movies and training center are given with official site for the interested candidates.

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