Confusion Magazine – Issue #10 – out now

You can buy it online here.

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Featuring interviews with:

Cody Lockwood (USA)
Aref Bobby Koushesh (Italy)
French (England)

DIY Skate spot check outs:

Salamander Ranch (USA)
Bob’s Spot (England)
Wörgl DIY (Austria)
Down by the River (France)

Skate features include:

Pura Pura – Bolivia
Infernal Ramp – Spain
Spanish Paradise: Backyard pools, ditches and dams
OMSA POOL (RIP) – Germany

and way more…

One year subscription / 3 issues of Confusion costs €15 or $18 for any location in the world (including shipping).


To pay by bank transfer send money to:

Confusion Magazine
BLZ: 37050198
Kontonummer: 1930637911

In USA, if you don’t have PAYPAL you can also pay back check (made out to Confusion magazine), money order, or cash:
Confusion Magazine, PO Box 1024, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, USA


Anything else CONFUSION related (mags, tees, hoodies, hats, crew necks, stickers, etc.) you want to buy, you can get here.

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  1. Hi I am new to the world of quilting and LOVE fabric and would love to go to FOQ. Cant find anyone around here who is going. I was thinking Friday or Saturday. I am coming from near Soompathtun if anyone wants to share a lift. Train at the moment looks expensive! Let me know if you plan anything please

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